Oct 10, 2018

AdClear v8.0.0.508518 (Non-Root Full)

AdClear v8.0.0.508518 (Non-Root Full)

AdClear is the first unbridled ad blocker for Android. Its technology filters advertisers before they weigh down your browser or applications. It's the best on the market to block ads on YouTube, and we're the first on Android to block encrypted ads. As a bonus, the Firewall and Standby, combined with the ad blocker, save your battery, bandwidth and charging times. In addition, these features protect you against advertisements containing Trojans. But the best is that it's free. If you're looking to protect yourself from advertisers, AdClear is here to help.

Protection on the entire device
Intra-device VPN blocks application and browser advertising.

  Confidentiality guaranteed
Intra-device VPN prevents your data from reaching our servers, and they do not touch traffic at all: the data goes directly to the destination designated by the device. The VPN only serves to route traffic locally, up to the ad blocker on the device.

  Encryption-insensitive blocking
Intra-device VPN protects your device and data usage from ad traffic.

  Optimized performance
This technology has been tested, proven and patented. It will never slow down your device.

  Life without ads in a few steps
Install this app, its in-device VPN and security certificate, and the ads will disappear right away.

What's New in v8.0.0.508518 (Non-Root Full)
- YouTube ads
Encrypted ads
Clickbait ads
Intrusive ads

- Bug fixes and improvements