Oct 31, 2018

Middle East Empire 2027 v2.7.9 (Mod Money)

Middle East Empire 2027 v2.7.9 (Mod Money)

Become the greatest leader of the Middle East!
Select your country you wish to lead (Egypt Palestinian Authority Iran Lebanon Syria Turkey Jordan Iraq Kuwait Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Yemen Oman Qatar Bahrain Cyprus and Israel) and play against the smart AI enemies. With excellent leadership skills strategy and tactics you could lead your country to the win.

Do you have what it takes?

It is the year 2027 and a big uprising took the existing government. As the leader of the rebels you were chosen to be the head of your country! Based on real data the game is designed to think of thousand of possible scenarios. Use diplomacy or declare a war. Its all up to you!

Weapon suppliers (USA EU Russia and China)
Spy Center
War Room
World News (Economy Relations Spy and War)
Artificial Intelligence

Available Weapons:
Troops Tanks Artillery Anti-Air Missiles Helicopters Multirole combat aircraft Battle Ships Submarines and Ballistic Missiles.

All of our Empire 2027 strategy games are regularly updated and we are working on new exciting themes and modes.

What's New in v2.7.9 (Mod Money)
* Fix for issues with server connectivity.
* Improved game speed and visibility.
* Fixed bugs and continue to improved the Artificial intelligence.

If you can help us to translate the game to other languages please contact us

We started to work on multiplayer for all Empire 2027 versions and to add United Nations.
Your support important to us to continue developing.