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Vanced Manager – Install YouTube Vanced Easily

Vanced Manager v2.0.1
No more will you have to suffer through downloading files through the website and installing them with SAI! No more having to fiddle around with various settings or downloading the wrong version, causing frustration! 
Vanced Manager Apk Download : 
Vanced Tube – Video Tube for You Vanced will help you watch millions of music and videos. It has a top popup player you can watch videos while doing other activities.

YouTube Vanced is a must-have app for anyone who uses YouTube frequently. It lets you block any ads that may appear when watching videos with just the tap of a button. Currently, for obvious reasons, this app can only be downloaded from third-party sites. That's where Vanced Manager comes in. It lets you download, install, and update this handy tool quickly and easily.

Features of Vanced Manager
Updates – Instant updates directly from the developers.
Easy Installation – Installation of YouTube Vanced and MicroG is easy as never before.
User-Friendly UI – Fluid and lovely material design.
Push Notifications – Let you know about the new messages from the developer through push.
Themes – Light & Dark. Also, it detects the system theme to set the theme automatically.
Accent Color – Different Colors Available Including Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Green.
Custom Channel for Updates – You can enter custom URL to receive updates, but we recommend an official channel.
Changelogs – You can read the changelogs of Vanced Manager.
Small in Size – It is about less than 5 MB and doesn’t consume a lot of resources.

But what does Vanced Manager have?
• clean and simple UI
• easily install Vanced and MicroG directly using the app
• installation guides for all variants of the app (especially for special snowflake MIUI)
• direct downloads without having to go to the website
• notifications when an update for Vanced is available
• changelogs for the latest versions of Vanced
• and much more! (aka I'm too lazy to type out more stuff)

Download Vanced Manager APK Latest Version for Android
There are many third parties out there trying to publish our app by packing into APK file using SAP (Split APKs Packer). However, in this way, you can easily them, but there might be hidden codes in it to break your privacy or steal your data. This is also one of the cases where we decided to provide an official solution.

Official Vanced Manager offers easy updates, a better user interface, a good user experience, and many more. Most importantly you don’t need to visit unverified websites to download YouTube Vanced app. The latest manager will take care of everything.

This apk is safe to download from this mirror and free of any virus.

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